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Our story

In 1957 Joannes Schutte, born in 1901, started producing bag closures in the basement of his Amsterdam house. The hallway was his warehouse and boxes were stored up to the ceiling, close to the front door. These were the early days of plastic bags and Joannes realized the potential for a bag closures specialist. Deliveries were done by bicycle to bakeries around the corner.

Schutte had started with an aluminum clip, the Almiclip, but very soon the business developed and bag closures were made in a wide variety of materials and sizes for many purposes. After his son Paul Schutte had joined him, the business developed further and first moved to Soestdijk and later to Uden, in the south of The Netherlands. In an old mushroom nursery the business was set up and machines and equipment were bought.
Since Uden is close to the German and Belgian border this resulted in the first delivery abroad. Plastic bags became more and more popular and bakeries, packers and other industries started to ask for bag closures to close a wide variety of bags.

Demands from abroad increased and Schutte became the specialist in bag closures in Europe.
Food had become the principal market (bakeries, packers of produce, pasta, candy and chocolate), but also industrial and agricultural customers found their way to Schutte.In 1984 Schutte moved to the manufacturing plant where we are still located today. Multiple extensions were made to the original factory and an ingenious layout was created to be able to respond to the needs of our customers.

Schutte also grew by acquiring several highly specialised niche players in bag closures that were integrated at the Uden site in The Netherlands.
Dealing with an efficient and shippable product Schutte choose to concentrate its production at Uden and to focus on state of the art production technology. The result is a highly specialized manufacturing plant where creativity, flexibility and efficiency go together.

Nowadays 55 employees turn out 60 million bag closures a day for customers in over 50 countries.

Schutte bagclosures Uden, The Netherlands

1957 Start of the Schutte factory of bag closures in Amsterdam
1963 Move to Soestdijk and expansion
1975 Move to Uden and expansion
1980 Move to Brouwerstraat 8, Uden and expansion
1986 Extension of production facilities, construction of hall 3
1987 Acquisition of AMI GmbH, Germany
1992 Extension of production facilities, construction of hall 4
1996 New office facilities
1996 Name changed to Schutte bagclosures BV
2001 Extension of production facilities, construction of hall 5
2003 New process and technology infra structure
2005 Extension in product development capacity
2010 First step towards the development of bag closing machines
2012 Establishment of Schutte Bagclosures Inc, USA
2012 Acquisition of Clip-Technik GmbH, Germany
2012 Establishment of Schutte bagclosures GmbH in Germany
2014 Establishment of Schutte bagclosures SARL inFrance
2014 Establishment of Schutte bagclosures SRL in Italy
2014 Renovations of office and Factory Buildings in the Netherlands
2015 Establishment of JV Clip Packaging Systems GmbH in Germany
2016 Acquisition of Klaus Martin GmbH, Germany 


Warehousing is done at many different places around the world which allows for small shipments, overnight deliveries and repeat orders to be sent to you as if we were your neighbour.
A highly specialised logistic team takes care of the most challenging shipment requirements and gets the job done, wether products have to be shipped to Africa, Canada or Chili.

Nowadays Schutte has a solution for every bag you want to close. Schutte has become the undisputed number 1 and market leader in Europe and in many other countries in the world. A true global company with a strong basis, represented by over 30 agents and distributors worldwide. Many of them have already been part of the Schutte family for decades.

The establishment of Schutte Bagclosures Inc. in the USA, Schutte bagclosures SARL in France, Schutte bagclosures SRL in Italy and Clip Packaging Systems in Germany are examples of our ambition to get closer to our customers. Our new brand “Clipps” will allow bakeries and packers to make a choice. This all plastic bag closure from Schutte has proved its worth and offers bakeries and packers a choice.

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